Shop: Stubborn Woman
Owner: b.e. Atkins

1. Who do you think your creations are perfect for?

My copper work is designed for people who love Ethnic and Southwestern designs. I do visualize Earth-mother types, too. What a mix; from cowgirls to ‘Save the Earth’ women.

2. What inspired you to start your own business?

In Jewelry? I needed to start getting a return on all the supplies I buy. You can only give so much to friends and family. Everywhere you look in my apartment you find storage for supplies and finished products. I am retired, so I have tons of time to create. It was either start selling or stop creating.

3. Where do you get the ideas for your designs?

Under Ethnic I include Eqypt and Asian influences, as well as Ancient Greek, Mycenae and Pompeii. I have always been interested in archeology and history. My background includes lots of Native American influences. My Grandfather made tooled saddles and trimmed them with silver work that he made. He also taught me about braiding leather and using beads. I have been making things my whole life. I am retired from the Architecture profession, so most of my work has an architectural ‘feel’ to it.

4. When you aren’t creating awesome stuff, what are you doing?

I write historical fiction, dabble in poetry and study history. I am also thinking about the next project. Last month learning to use my digital camera in manual mode became a priority. My personal websites take up far too much time. is being converted to a PHP format and, my genealogy site, needs refurbishing.

5. Why do you think people love/would love your work?

I strive to be unique, yet keep the ‘feel’ of the period that is currently inspiring me. Copper feels so good next to your skin and is beautiful. That is probably the main reason people will love my pieces.