Shop: Stokes Galleries
Owner: Heather


1. Who do you think your creations are perfect for?
I think my creations are perfect for anyone who loves nature inspired jewelry. Polymer clay is also naturally quite light, so anyone who has a hard time wearing larger jewelry because of weight can often wear polymer clay.

2. What inspired you to start your own business?
I was inspired mostly by my family, and my closest friends. I have made things with polymer clay for years, and I have always gotten a lot of encouragement from those closest to me. It was because of them that I decided to start selling the things I create.

3. Where do you get the ideas for your designs?
My designs just sort of come to me. I am inspired by other artists, and people around me, and things I see just in every day life. I see various elements in nature, and I feel compelled to incorporate them into my work. I get a lot of my ideas for my nature inspired work, while I am gardening with my aunt.

4. When you aren’t creating awesome stuff, what are you doing?
When I am not creating, I am usually online (usually on Etsy), talking to people or doing research for various things. During the spring and summer I spend a lot of time working outside in a vegetable garden, or working on flower beds, with relatives. I spend a lot of time with my family, and a few of my closest friends.

5. Why do you think people love/would love your work?
I think anyone who loves nature, would love my work. I feel like nature inspired jewelry is quite unique. The way I create my leaves is different from that of most polymer clay artists, and I am very picky about which leaves I use for certain designs. I have my own style, which gives my work a certain personality. I also pay attention to the little details of my work, even if it’s just the back of something. I feel it makes the pieces more professional. My jewelry can be elegant and classy, or fun and whimsical, depending on the color choices, and how it is worn, and I think that people like that kind of range in a shop.