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So, I got tired of playing with my two column blog. It’s time for an upgrade. We have an all new blog on typepad. Go on…You know you want to check it out! It’s okay….Indulge yourself in all of that Indie Goodness. 🙂

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Shop: Sparkle Couture
Owner: Jenny

Il_155x12516063208 Il_155x12514882777 Il_155x12516172432

1. Who do you think your creations are perfect for?

I think my creations are perfect for anyone who likes to indulge in a little
sparkle. I try to design jewelry that will stand the test of time and the trends.

2. What inspired you to start your own business?

My father, being a jeweler himself, taught me his skill at a young age. As I grew older so did my passion for jewelry, so I made a career out of it. I feel very blessed to say that.

3. Where do you get the ideas for your designs?

I usually get ideas for my designs in the gemstones, themselves. I also find inspiration in art, nature and of course fashion magazines, which I’m addicted too.

4. When you aren’t creating awesome stuff, what are you doing?

When I’m not creating, I’m usually playing with my kids and are new little wiener dog "Gingerella".

5. Why do you think people love/would love your work?

I think people fall in love with my work because, most of my pieces are simple. I try to let the gems shine. My designs are easy to dress up or down.

Fabulously Indie is a new feature from

Every month, we will display selected products from Indie Designers and Artisans. Ad spots must be applied for and approved before being posted.

Ad spots are 155 x 125 and cost only $7.00. Each ad is placed on the site on a first come basis, so the sooner you submit and pay for your ad, the better your placement will be.

Items in the following categories will be accepted:

* Accessories
* Art
* Bags & Purses
* Bath & Beauty
* Clothing
* Glass
* Housewares
* Jewelry
* Paper Goods
* Shoes

The first Fabulously Indie feature will be posted on April 21, 2008. The deadline to apply for an ad is April 17, 2008 at 11:59 CST.

Ads will be displayed similar to the ads in our Spring Bling 2008 Gift Guide.

If you would like to be considered for a spot, please send an email to Please include a link to the product(s) you would like featured.

Fabulously Indie – your monthly indie fix

Sexy, erotic but always romantic…

Jane’s intimate apparel is for everyone from the young bride to the young at heart. She is one of the leading designers in nightwear and lingerie and has been for over twenty years.

Offering nightwear, negligees, corsets, evening wear, underwear, and dressinggowns in beautiful, feminine designs, Jane Woolrich’s creations are made to make women feel special.

Intimate couture…No Special Occasion Required!

Men…Express yourself with some Indie Goodness! Below are a few of my favorite Cuff links.

Featured: (not in order of display)
+ Sea Glass Jewelry
+ John Ferdinand
+ Lotus Jewelry Studio
+ Fancy Jewels
+ Walker Silverworks
+ Studio 309 Designs

Now is the perfect time to treat yourself to something pretty from Elle-a-Belle Designs. For the month of March, you will receive a Single Chalcedony Drop Necklace with any purchase.

“Luxe but with everyday potential, the Elle-a-Belle collection contains feminine, bold, and elegant gemstone jewelry with a sophisticated palette of colors and textures.”– Laurie Warshawsky

Set yourself apart with a one-of-a kind piece from Elle-a-Belle Designs.

Shop: SandySimone Jewelry
Owner: Sandy

1. Who do you think your creations are perfect for?
Anyone who likes simple jewelry that is easy to wear, yet classy and sophisticated.

2. What inspired you to start your own business?

My “hobby” of many years outgrew my space, I wanted to expand the reach of my jewelry making and thought it would be fun to share my new ideas with people.

3. Where do you get the ideas for your designs?
I think inspiration comes from everywhere. A lot of times I will see a gemstone or a piece of silver I am working on and suddenly an idea will pop into my mind. I also love to look at shapes on different textiles, also unique architecture inspires me.

4. When you aren’t creating awesome stuff, what are you doing?

Probably reading, or playing with the kids(dogs).

5. Why do you think people love/would love your work?
It makes a statement that is personal but subtle.

In celebration of her birthday, Danielle is running a sale from March 10 – 17!
Today you can get 10% OFF ALL NECKLACES & EARRINGS.

PLUS, guess her age correctly and you will receive a FREE GIFT!

Happy Shopping!

This lovely necklace by Secret Jewellz is perfect and just in time for Easter. I could not have described this piece any better than the designer :

“Beautiful intricate necklace made with vintage glass faceted amethyst jewel wrapped in filigree,lavender zirconia faceted teardrop,cute brass dragonfly and a gorgeous rabbit holding on to a genuine amethyst faceted gemstone.”

Priced to sell at only $32.99, this is one piece that is sure to be a jewelry lover’s favorite!

Shop at Secret Jewellz now!

Our Spring Bling 2008 Gift Guide is up…featuring 20 Etsy sellers.

Go take a look and treat yourself or a friend to something on the list!

Shop: Stokes Galleries
Owner: Heather


1. Who do you think your creations are perfect for?
I think my creations are perfect for anyone who loves nature inspired jewelry. Polymer clay is also naturally quite light, so anyone who has a hard time wearing larger jewelry because of weight can often wear polymer clay.

2. What inspired you to start your own business?
I was inspired mostly by my family, and my closest friends. I have made things with polymer clay for years, and I have always gotten a lot of encouragement from those closest to me. It was because of them that I decided to start selling the things I create.

3. Where do you get the ideas for your designs?
My designs just sort of come to me. I am inspired by other artists, and people around me, and things I see just in every day life. I see various elements in nature, and I feel compelled to incorporate them into my work. I get a lot of my ideas for my nature inspired work, while I am gardening with my aunt.

4. When you aren’t creating awesome stuff, what are you doing?
When I am not creating, I am usually online (usually on Etsy), talking to people or doing research for various things. During the spring and summer I spend a lot of time working outside in a vegetable garden, or working on flower beds, with relatives. I spend a lot of time with my family, and a few of my closest friends.

5. Why do you think people love/would love your work?
I think anyone who loves nature, would love my work. I feel like nature inspired jewelry is quite unique. The way I create my leaves is different from that of most polymer clay artists, and I am very picky about which leaves I use for certain designs. I have my own style, which gives my work a certain personality. I also pay attention to the little details of my work, even if it’s just the back of something. I feel it makes the pieces more professional. My jewelry can be elegant and classy, or fun and whimsical, depending on the color choices, and how it is worn, and I think that people like that kind of range in a shop.

If you love art AND jewelry, Dillon Designs’ acrylic rings are a must have. Described by the owners, Linda and Jen (a mother and daughter team), as fun little shrinky dinks, the rings are stamped with waterproof ink.

If you think finding your size will be a problem, don’t worry. The rings are made to order, so whether you wear a size 6 or a size 10, Dillon Designs has you covered. Presently, there are 40 designs to choose from and all are only $7.50 each. That’s unbeatable!

Find a special one for you and don’t forget to grab one for a friend. 🙂

Shop Now

Lisa at TQB Designs is offering up some SPRINGTIME color. Ear Dots, Neck Baubles, and Wrist Circlets… You really have to check these pieces out! Go visit her shop on Etsy and let us know what your favorites are.

Shop Now

Shop: Stubborn Woman
Owner: b.e. Atkins

1. Who do you think your creations are perfect for?

My copper work is designed for people who love Ethnic and Southwestern designs. I do visualize Earth-mother types, too. What a mix; from cowgirls to ‘Save the Earth’ women.

2. What inspired you to start your own business?

In Jewelry? I needed to start getting a return on all the supplies I buy. You can only give so much to friends and family. Everywhere you look in my apartment you find storage for supplies and finished products. I am retired, so I have tons of time to create. It was either start selling or stop creating.

3. Where do you get the ideas for your designs?

Under Ethnic I include Eqypt and Asian influences, as well as Ancient Greek, Mycenae and Pompeii. I have always been interested in archeology and history. My background includes lots of Native American influences. My Grandfather made tooled saddles and trimmed them with silver work that he made. He also taught me about braiding leather and using beads. I have been making things my whole life. I am retired from the Architecture profession, so most of my work has an architectural ‘feel’ to it.

4. When you aren’t creating awesome stuff, what are you doing?

I write historical fiction, dabble in poetry and study history. I am also thinking about the next project. Last month learning to use my digital camera in manual mode became a priority. My personal websites take up far too much time. is being converted to a PHP format and, my genealogy site, needs refurbishing.

5. Why do you think people love/would love your work?

I strive to be unique, yet keep the ‘feel’ of the period that is currently inspiring me. Copper feels so good next to your skin and is beautiful. That is probably the main reason people will love my pieces.

Because we are now using a new domain name, some of the images in our blog are not showing up.

Please be patient as I continue to switch the files over.

Thanks and Happy Looking!

Ayana E.

Janine King designed this wristlet to be stylish and durable. The front and back are covered with a very pretty vintage damask pattern called MADISON in french blue and chocolate brown. Inside, you’ll find two pockets that can carry your compact beauty products or handheld electronics.

This wristlet is larger than most and comes with a padded interior to protect fragile items. If you want a wristlet that is perfect for night or day, you must get your hand on this one.

Click here to go shopping at Janine King Designs now.

Water Lily Necklace $39

This very versatile necklace made with a vibrant pendant, potato shaped freshwater pearls, and solid copper chain, can be worn with a rugged pair of jeans or a long, sexy dress.

The chain is 18 inches long. However, it can be resized if you would like a different length. – It doesn’t matter…. Short or long, this necklace could be the perfect pick for you!

Visit KimBDesigns online at!

Shop Name: Zbella
Click here to go shopping to find items you love.

Hello Everyone!

This is just a note to let you all know that our blog will get some new updates tonight! PLUS – We have a new website that will be live this weekend!

For those of you who do not know, we are no longer using the domain Our main website can now be accessed by going to

If you have any trouble viewing the new site, please feel free to send us an email and we’ll get someone to check things out.

I’ve missed showcasing my favorite Indie Finds and look forward to bringing you more of the things you love!

Ciao for now!

Ayana E.

The HUMPHREY bracelet…Ok, not even the designer can explain the name…

However, this delightful bracelet, made of brown variegated pods, spotted seeds, brown Smoky Quartz, and vintage brass petal caps, can be worn with jeans or a sexy little dress. It’s earthtone colors make this the perfect accessory for your FALL wardrobe.

Offered by Star Willows Studio, this bracelet is among several beautiful and very unique pieces. There are plenty of items for you to choose from…all under $50!! PLUS, you get FREE shipping on all orders regardless of where you live.

Artist Fun Fact: The designer’s favorite Jolly Rancher flavor is green apple, and her two most favorite candies from childhood are Lemonheads and Fireballs.

Shop: Star Willow Studio

Frogletack is serving up some contemporary jewelry that could easily become a favorite for many. The heart pod drop earrings make a statement without screaming for attention. While, there is not a lot of information listed in the Etsy profile for this designer, I do look forward to seeing more of her work and possibly doing another feature on her designs in the future.

For those of you who are interested, Frogletack also offers t-shirts through the website.

Visit the Frogletack etsy shop here.

I want to apologize for the lack of updates here and on YSA!. I have been so busy lately and have been working on getting my schedule in order. With me trying to focus on my ministry, school starting, and doing graphic work…among so many other things, I have been slacking on bringing you the indie finds you all love!

I have put together a schedule I believe will allow me to be better organized…Long overdue. (Yes, I know.) With that said…I am going to be updating the blog this weekend. I have found some great indie designers and they have some goodies you’re going to want to check out!

Please check back then.

Peace & Blessings,

Ayana E.

Cindy, who loves milkshakes, old photographs, and quaint harbor towns, is the creative soul behind Sweet Bead Studio.

Her designs are both fun and beautiful. Offering bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, Sweet Bead Studio, is just the right place to shop for some wearable art.

Sweet Bead Studio got its name from one of Cindy’s leading men in her life (then age 5). She thought it sounded perfect…I do too! Sweet Beads…Sweet Designs…You have to go over and see what the fuss is about. 🙂

Shop Online

Simply Sterling Designs is a fresh new Etsy shop offering some fabulous jewelry…Perfect for the girl who wants attention! While there are not many pieces listed at the moment, the current selection leaves you wanting to see more of what the creator wants to design next.

Debuting on the Etsy scene in June, Simply Sterling Designs, will more than likely become a favorite of Etsy shoppers real soon!

Take a look a three of my favorites:

View these and other items by clicking here.

Ok…Call me a big selfish baby…

I was without High-Speed internet access for about a week and REFUSED to do any updates using dial-up. SIMPLY REFUSED!!!

I could access the internet, but I was not about to punish myself by trying to look for great Indie stuff using an awfully sad internet connection. So, anyway, Comcast has taken care of me and now I can take care of you…by giving you what you want – Indie Goodness!!

Thank God for High-Speed internet! 🙂


How could you NOT feel pretty wearing one of these lovely pendants. They’re all beautifully made by Jamie at INSIDESIGN. These Oh-So-Cute pendants are made using Amy Butler designed fabric buttons and come with an 18″ silver-tone chain. *Matching hair pins and rings sold separately*

You should take a look at her collection of cuties for the hair as well.

Price: $15.00 ea.

Artist Fun Fact: Jamie also makes and sells paper goods. See here.

Christine, the designer at Studio X-Tine, has made this fun and flirty denim skirt. It’s decorated with 24 machine stitched red stripes, which radiate from the waist towards the hem and end at varying lengths with appliquéd red felt dots.


What shoes would you wear with this? Find a pair online and send me a picture. 🙂

Price: $75.00

Artist Fun Fact: By day Christine works on the production staff of a prominent studio as a costume and puppet maker.
Shop: Studio X-tine

So, last night I was checking my sites and I kept getting an error message. Since I was told to upgrade to a Virtual Private Server from the Shared Hosting plan I was on, I really haven’t had all that much trouble with my hosting company.

I am very upset because the server has been out for hours and no one seems to have any answers. I have been using the same hosting company for years and I am sure other people have issues from time to time with their hosts, but this kind of stuff just makes me mad…especially since I have several sites on this one account. The server picked a fine time to want to go down….Just great!

Anyway, my images and site should be back up soon…Hopefully.

I hope your day is better than mine. 🙂

Ayana E.

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System admin is now working on it and hopefully there isn’t a major problem.

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Update: It’s fixed…Now, I can do some updating. 🙂

If you are new on the scene, send an email to with a link to your Etsy shop/website.

We’re looking for designers and artisans who have been contributors to the Indie Community for 3 years or less.

We want to feature you!


– – –
Update: Since I have received such a great response, I am going to add a separate page on the blog where I can list NEW indie designers and artisans. Please check back to find out who you should be watching!!

Shop Name: VintageFiligree
Click here to go shopping to find Items You Love!

– – –

Pili is a lariat style necklace (with 14k gold-filled chain) made by Nicola Nakase. This beautiful piece is 18 inches long with a 14 inch drop. The white mother of pearl coins with filigree detail and pink freshwater pearls make this eye-catching necklace a perfect addition to your casual or formal dress.

Imagine the looks you’ll get wearing something like this! Prepare to be envied, my dear!

Be sure to take a look at Nicola’s Signature Collection here. You will definitely find something to fall in love with there.

FYI: Wahine, meaning ‘Hawaiian girl,’ serves as a source of inspiration for the designs.

View larger image
Price: $98.00

Diana Kane grew up in Northern California and began designing jewelry in New York in 1993. Her designs are simple, yet beautiful. Can you say SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL? Her jewelry can easily be worn with jeans, business attire, or even that little black dress you love so much!

Diana’s handmade pieces have been featured in the pages of Women’s Wear Daily, InStyle and W Magazine. They can also be found in boutiques and galleries across the country.

In 2002, her eponymous boutique was opened on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope, a neighborhood in the western section of Brooklyn. There, you can find clothing, lingerie, fragrances, swimsuits, handbags, shoes and exclusive handmade jewelry.

Click here to visit Diana on the web.

View larger image

This ultra cute and fun bracelet was made by Heather Powers. The pinks & greens in this playful piece go well together….Don’t you just love the beads? They are beautiful and of course handmade by none other than Heather.

The polymer clay beads are accompanied by ukanite and swarovski crystals creating a charm bracelet that can be worn easily by women of all ages.

Price: $90.00

Artist Fun Fact: Heather organizes a bead cruise every year. (
Shop: HumbleBeads

Beauty – Elegance – Individuality…
Click here to experience Nova Lorraine.

T-Length Silk Charmeuse Cocktail Dress with 3 Long Scarves Dangling from the Neckline $695.00

Jersey Slim Fitting Full Length Cocktail Dress with Spaghetti Straps Covering the Back and an Unexpected Asymmetrical Strap Connecting from the Front to the Back $1,050.00

Hello Indie Lovers!!

I am back from a much-needed break and I will have some new updates for you all on July 25th!

I will be updating the website at and answering emails…So, much to do. 🙂

I’m refreshed and ready to go. I look forward to bringing you all some more awesome indie finds from some very awesome designers and artisans.

It’s good to be back!


Ayana E.

Vintage Body Spa, LLC has an awesome variety of bath, body, and spa products to offer new and established customers. The company’s slogan, “Indulge your body”, is definitely a great choice.


The Butter Beans™, have to be one of the company’s best-sellers. These moisturizing bath fizzies come in 15 yummy scents. If you have sensitive skin, you can also order these bath treats unscented. The Pineapple Biscotti™ smells like a bakery in a bottle. I had to remind myself that these fizzes were not edible. 🙂

For a luxurious spa experience at home, you have to treat youself to some goodies from Vintage Body Spa, LLC.

Tucker Paisley bags are the bomb!…(simply stated)…

The designs are neat yet stylish…with just the right amount of “WOW”! The totes and bags in the company’s original paisley design are wonderful, but they have started to offer something new for 2007…The leather Molly Tote!


The design is clean and the tote is functional. My favorite color is the Gold Leather. Yes, I can surely see myself wearing a fierce outfit, with pumps to die for, and this tote clutched between my fingers.

I’m making my birthday wish list soon and you better believe that the Gold Molly Tote will be on it…close to the top of the list! You can check out other Tucker Paisley bags, totes, and accessories at

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Visit our main site at

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