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Lisa at TQB Designs is offering up some SPRINGTIME color. Ear Dots, Neck Baubles, and Wrist Circlets… You really have to check these pieces out! Go visit her shop on Etsy and let us know what your favorites are.

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Frogletack is serving up some contemporary jewelry that could easily become a favorite for many. The heart pod drop earrings make a statement without screaming for attention. While, there is not a lot of information listed in the Etsy profile for this designer, I do look forward to seeing more of her work and possibly doing another feature on her designs in the future.

For those of you who are interested, Frogletack also offers t-shirts through the website.

Visit the Frogletack etsy shop here.

Simply Sterling Designs is a fresh new Etsy shop offering some fabulous jewelry…Perfect for the girl who wants attention! While there are not many pieces listed at the moment, the current selection leaves you wanting to see more of what the creator wants to design next.

Debuting on the Etsy scene in June, Simply Sterling Designs, will more than likely become a favorite of Etsy shoppers real soon!

Take a look a three of my favorites:

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ChicBoutique has them. They’re cute, stylish, and functional. You can find ChicBoutique items on and She also has some additional images for your viewing pleasure on flickr.

One of my favorite items in her shop is the Orange and Pink Waves Shoulder Bag.

Visit ChicBoutique today to find your personal favorite too.

I came across Susanne Audette’s online shop, Monili Bei Designs, while doing a search on the web for the word “monili”. For those of you who do not know, monili means JEWELRY in Italian. See…you learned something new today. πŸ™‚

Anywho…She has a very nice selection of jewelry to select from. However, my favorite is the Abalone Chip (with Shell drop) Necklace. (Maybe because I am a shell fanatic.) The necklace can be worn alone or with the matching earrings and bracelet that are available in her TRIO COLLECTION.


Kirka is a jewelry designer from Zagreb, CROATIA. Her designs are so AMAZING!!! I actually had a hard time trying to select the designs to feature here. To view her designs is an “experience”. Seeing them has made my day. Visit Kirka at to see more of her lovely work.

In Full Bloom’s designer, Ashley Hughes, is a new member of our new partner site, YSA!. YSA! ( is an online artisan and designer group of women.

Ashley’s designs are just LOVELY! In 2006, she won the MODIE Award for BEST JEWELRY at and was featured in the March 2007 issue of Nole’ Mi Magazine for Vintage Inspired Jewelry.

Visit her webstore at and view her listings on eBay here.

I have fallen in love with pendants with beautiful prints on them. Initially, I must admit that at first glance, I thought to myself that I would look silly with a “picture” hanging around my neck. However, I got over that and decided to purchase an Antibes Tree Pendant from Bibbidi Baubles. I am very happy with my purchase. As a matter of fact, I am wearing the pretty pendant right now as I type this message. I’m smiling…I’m wearing such a pretty pendant. Go on over to Bibbidi Baubles and buy something that will make you smile too. πŸ™‚

Ok, I am on my way to bed, but of course I HAD to stop by one of my favorite online shopping sites…Yep, you guessed it,! πŸ™‚ If you have been following my blog, you know that I am addicted to the place…Lately, I have been trying to keep in under control! **sigh**

Anyway, like I said, I stopped by Etsy and was only browsing a few seconds before I found these brooches available from cocoonwillfly. They’re just lovely! Go on over and take a look at her other goods…Delightful…Just delightful!

Donyiel Crocker, a self-proclaimed perfectionist, is the artist behind Divine Concepts Jewelry.

Her first pair of earrings were made for her sister, Shirl. Donyiel said after hours of sitting on the couch trying to come up with something different for her, she was inspired by a concept. The concept was about who God created Shirl to be. She stated that her sister has the unique ability to perceive and take a hold of someone else’s vision or goals and make them happen. She is a Dreamcatcher, thus came the name for the earrings made for her. After giving the earrings to Shirl, Donyiel told her the story behind them and Divine Concepts was born.

If you would like to view Donyiel’s beautiful and creative work, please visit online at

Rita Patel creates a variety of one of a kind pieces in the comfort of her Michigan studio. Her works include art, home goods, and clothing.

She has her own website at, but she is fairly new on the Etsy scene, opening her online shop in December 2006. On is where I first saw her beautiful, one-of-a-kind silk and velvet coats. They are among some of the most elegant ones I have come across.

Take a look at her lovely coats and fall in love…with the coats of course. πŸ™‚

I support Fair Trade, so I am happy to introduce FAIR INDUSTRY to those of you not familiar with the online store.

FAIR INDUSTRY, a one-woman, volunteer supported fair trade enterprise, is based in Princeton, NJ. Founder and designer, Lauren Markley, has created a wonderful line of clothing that is both stylish and functional. Along with classic and drawstring skirts, FAIR INDUSTRY offers tops, trousers, and jewelry. For more info and to shop online, please click here.

Fred Ullom makes some beautiful cashmere scarves, all of which are made by hand. He says that he strives for “subtle elegance” and has an undeniable passion for the finest natural fibers.

“My scarves are frequently more of a tactile experience than a visual one. Usually a mix of hand-dyed silk and Mongolian cashmere, they are superior in both lustre and hand. When available, rare fibers such as Saxon merino, yak, camel, and qiviut (muskox) occasionally make their way into my pieces.” – Fred

Visit Fred’s online shop.

These goods are far from your grandmother’s crochet doilies. Yes, it is true, often when you think of crochet, that comes to mind…at least my mind anyway.

But the great things that Raynelda creates are beautiful & great for the hippest chick! Raynelda designs and personally stitches all items sold at PLC Designs.

Below are my favorite picks from her online shop.

If you have not done so already, you should take a look at what Shevon Gant Ceramics has to offer.

Our Recommendations:

Β Store Owner – Shevon Gant

Website URL –

I have come across SO MANY awesome shops & indie designers while doing some searching over the ‘net. Many of the shops have been found while visiting the link section of blogs and some of my favorite indie web shops. So, yes…Now, you know that web surfers DO look in the LINK section of your sites. πŸ™‚

I have decided to highlight some of the shops I come across. Up first is Amet and Sasha…The shop is owned and operated by Jesse in Austin, TX. All of her items are handcrafted and made to order. The site is very EASY to navigate, which is always a plus to me when visiting websites, especially online stores.

Amet and Sasha is currently offering dresses, tops, skirts and accessories. Many of the items are available in sizes from 2 to 18. Jesse’s designs have been featured in several publications, including BUST, NYLON, and VENUS.

Happy Shopping! ~Ayana E.

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