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Pili is a lariat style necklace (with 14k gold-filled chain) made by Nicola Nakase. This beautiful piece is 18 inches long with a 14 inch drop. The white mother of pearl coins with filigree detail and pink freshwater pearls make this eye-catching necklace a perfect addition to your casual or formal dress.

Imagine the looks you’ll get wearing something like this! Prepare to be envied, my dear!

Be sure to take a look at Nicola’s Signature Collection here. You will definitely find something to fall in love with there.

FYI: Wahine, meaning ‘Hawaiian girl,’ serves as a source of inspiration for the designs.

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Price: $98.00

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This ultra cute and fun bracelet was made by Heather Powers. The pinks & greens in this playful piece go well together….Don’t you just love the beads? They are beautiful and of course handmade by none other than Heather.

The polymer clay beads are accompanied by ukanite and swarovski crystals creating a charm bracelet that can be worn easily by women of all ages.

Price: $90.00

Artist Fun Fact: Heather organizes a bead cruise every year. (
Shop: HumbleBeads

Beauty – Elegance – Individuality…
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T-Length Silk Charmeuse Cocktail Dress with 3 Long Scarves Dangling from the Neckline $695.00

Jersey Slim Fitting Full Length Cocktail Dress with Spaghetti Straps Covering the Back and an Unexpected Asymmetrical Strap Connecting from the Front to the Back $1,050.00

With this gorgeous necklace made by Dori Csengeri. I don’t have an official wish list for my birthday, but if I did, this would definitely be on it. I love jewelry that is DIFFERENT and this piece is just that. The colors and material are blended so well.

This is one piece of jewelry you buy FIRST and then buy an outfit to compliment it. It’s 19 inches long with a leather backing and 2 bead closure. You MUST click the image to see a larger view of the piece that is making my heart skip beats…LOVE IT!

View more of Dori’s work at You won’t be disappointed!

It’s late and I was up browsing ETSY. I saw some “hammered” jewelry and thought I’d do a post on just that…Below, you will find some Hammered Goodness from some great ETSY sellers. Go get you some…


Have you been looking for a handbag that truly stands out? If so, “Handbags by Daphne” should be your next stop on the web today. Daphne’s bags are designed using Italian tapestry with blends of chenille. She stated that her bags are for “women who feel comfortable wearing impossible to miss bags”. I’d have to agree. You are sure to get plenty of admirers when you’ve got your hands around one of these bags.

Want a durable, beautiful, and unique bag? See HANDBAGS BY DAPHNE.

I came across Susanne Audette’s online shop, Monili Bei Designs, while doing a search on the web for the word “monili”. For those of you who do not know, monili means JEWELRY in Italian. See…you learned something new today. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anywho…She has a very nice selection of jewelry to select from. However, my favorite is the Abalone Chip (with Shell drop) Necklace. (Maybe because I am a shell fanatic.) The necklace can be worn alone or with the matching earrings and bracelet that are available in her TRIO COLLECTION.


Klementyna’s creative style speaks for itself. Her work is beautiful! She is definitely not afraid to step away from the ordinary. Along with jewelry, Klementyna also designs handbags, belts, and cuffs. To view more of her work, please visit

If you dare try toย  step out of the “ordinary” box, you must get your hands on one ofย  Tamar’s pretty and unique flower pins.ย  She also makes really pretty jewelry and some cool paper goodies. You can take a look around Tamar’s shop on Etsy by clicking here.ย  You can also browse around her Interior Decorating web page here.


I have fallen in love with pendants with beautiful prints on them. Initially, I must admit that at first glance, I thought to myself that I would look silly with a “picture” hanging around my neck. However, I got over that and decided to purchase an Antibes Tree Pendant from Bibbidi Baubles. I am very happy with my purchase. As a matter of fact, I am wearing the pretty pendant right now as I type this message. I’m smiling…I’m wearing such a pretty pendant. Go on over to Bibbidi Baubles and buy something that will make you smile too. ๐Ÿ™‚

I am crazy about lockets. I think they are one of the coolest things that can be used when it comes to jewelry. Take a look at the cool finds below!

Chunky…this is one word that may make many women want to squeal. However, I promise not to mention anything about butts or thighs in this post. **smile**

I will, however, showcase some beautiful CHUNKY NECKLACES. When you want to make a bold statement, you can’t go wrong with one of the following pieces.

ย  ย 


Ok, I am on my way to bed, but of course I HAD to stop by one of my favorite online shopping sites…Yep, you guessed it,! ๐Ÿ™‚ If you have been following my blog, you know that I am addicted to the place…Lately, I have been trying to keep in under control! **sigh**

Anyway, like I said, I stopped by Etsy and was only browsing a few seconds before I found these brooches available from cocoonwillfly. They’re just lovely! Go on over and take a look at her other goods…Delightful…Just delightful!

Check out these fabulous jewelry finds available through sellers. Please click on images to go to the seller’s shop.

Donyiel Crocker, a self-proclaimed perfectionist, is the artist behind Divine Concepts Jewelry.

Her first pair of earrings were made for her sister, Shirl. Donyiel said after hours of sitting on the couch trying to come up with something different for her, she was inspired by a concept. The concept was about who God created Shirl to be. She stated that her sister has the unique ability to perceive and take a hold of someone else’s vision or goals and make them happen. She is a Dreamcatcher, thus came the name for the earrings made for her. After giving the earrings to Shirl, Donyiel told her the story behind them and Divine Concepts was born.

If you would like to view Donyiel’s beautiful and creative work, please visit online at

Rita Patel creates a variety of one of a kind pieces in the comfort of her Michigan studio. Her works include art, home goods, and clothing.

She has her own website at, but she is fairly new on the Etsy scene, opening her online shop in December 2006. On is where I first saw her beautiful, one-of-a-kind silk and velvet coats. They are among some of the most elegant ones I have come across.

Take a look at her lovely coats and fall in love…with the coats of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

I support Fair Trade, so I am happy to introduce FAIR INDUSTRY to those of you not familiar with the online store.

FAIR INDUSTRY, a one-woman, volunteer supported fair trade enterprise, is based in Princeton, NJ. Founder and designer, Lauren Markley, has created a wonderful line of clothing that is both stylish and functional. Along with classic and drawstring skirts, FAIR INDUSTRY offers tops, trousers, and jewelry. For more info and to shop online, please click here.

Fred Ullom makes some beautiful cashmere scarves, all of which are made by hand. He says that he strives for “subtle elegance” and has an undeniable passion for the finest natural fibers.

“My scarves are frequently more of a tactile experience than a visual one. Usually a mix of hand-dyed silk and Mongolian cashmere, they are superior in both lustre and hand. When available, rare fibers such as Saxon merino, yak, camel, and qiviut (muskox) occasionally make their way into my pieces.” – Fred

Visit Fred’s online shop.

OK, so…It is 2AM and I just “happen” to be browsing one of my favorite sites ( and I wanted to search for bags. Why? I have no idea because lately, I have been mostly buying beads and other wonderful things to make jewelry with from Esty sellers.

Anywho, I did come across a few other bags, totes, and purses that were “cute”, but these two certainly caught my eye. They are anything but ordinary. I love them!

I have a thing for anything almost anything leather. I have never really been a big fan of leather pants, but that is another story…Ok, back to the GREAT FINDS…

If you LOVE leather as much as I do and are looking for something very unique to carry around, you should check out the two purses below.

a. Beautiful Western or Mexican Style Purse – Rose Pattern – Leather
(Moxie & Oliver; $250.00)

b. Mandarin Moon – Sea heart and leather purse
(Michela; $110.00)

The new ITEMS WE LOVE were picked from members of

In search of some great gold jewelry that would be great to wear to a party, we came across some lovely finds from Claudette Jewelry, Laura Knight Jewellery, and Starry Designs.

a. Waves and curves create movement in this seductively rich necklace of garnet, burgundy pearls and natural mother of pearl blossoms. 18″ long. Bar pendant is 2 1/4″ long. 12kt gold filled. (Claudette Jewelry ; $87)

b. A beautiful sterling silver bird’s nest ring with gold Swarovski crystal pearls as the eggs. The nest is held down securely at the four sides. The whole ring is carefully wrapped by Cindy. (Starry Designs ; $24)

c. These lovely earrings are made from faceted Carnelian briolettes, African Opals, which are a beautiful combination of gold and blue, and 10K goldfilled wire components. All of these components were handmade by Laura. They hang just under 2″, and are reasonably lightweight. (Laura Knight Jewellery ; $29)

Check out these great finds!!
Please NOTE: We are not selling the items listed. The items can be purchased by clicking on the item name. You will then be directed to a different site to make purchases.

More Items We Love will be posted on October 31st, so stop by to see what we pick!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a suggestion for a featured item? Send an email to
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ITEMS WE LOVE / 10.24.06

Katrin Schnabl Olive Ina Dress
Olive Ina Dress
by Katrin Schnabl

Kimono Dress in Green by Pink Elf
Kimono Dress
by Pink Elf

Demeter earrings
Demeter Earrings
by Prismera Design

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ITEMS WE LOVE / 10.17.06


Sun Disc Necklace
   Sun Disc Necklace
by WASE designs
Black Strap Dress
   Black Strap Dress
Chocolate Silk & Shea Scrub
   Choc. Silk & Shea Scrub
    by Flower Peddler

ITEMS WE LOVE / 10.07.06

Sterling Silver Wire Wrap Polymer Clay Fairy Pillow Bead Pendant
Polymer Clay Pendant
by Nix Creations

sexy hand dyed t-shirt
Sexy Hand-Dyed T-shirt
by Luxury Jones

roxy ragazza wristlet
Roxy Ragazza Wristlet
by Daisy Janie

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ITEMS WE LOVE / 10.06.06

Hand sculpted & painted Blossom necklace with glass bead accents
Blossom Necklace
by FooFooFashion

Revamped vintage HARLEY DAVIDSON Slip top mini dress shirt Sequin Applique punk goth
HARLEY D. Slip Top
by Slip Tease

CASHMERE SHIMMER (tm) Butter Bar Lotion Bar Vintage Body Spa (TM) Cocoa, Mango & Shea Butters & Jojoba Oil
Cashmere Shimmer
by Vintage Body Spa ™

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ITEMS WE LOVE / 10.05.06

Fall Sky Beachy Earrings
Fall Sky Beachy Earrings
by Sea of Glass

Faceted Amazonite Ring
Faceted Amazonite Ring
by Starry Designs

Doublemint tote--boomerang beat
Doublemint tote –bm
by Mint Workshop

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