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Members of NoleStyleandBeauty.com will continue to be featured here until I have chosen my favorite item from every last one of them. 🙂

To see a list of the members, please click here.

~Ayana E.


Tilted (the name of the necklace by designer Mandy Wu) is a very unique piece. I can think of a few different outfits this would flow well with. The bronze ribbon is adorned with a vintage turquoise button…adding just enough color.

Tilted Necklace

Mandy Wu’s designs are very different – offering an array of unique creations. E.V.O.D is the online shop where you’ll find something for that girl with a style all her own.

There’s not a piece of jewelry in Sandra Webster’s jewelry collection that I do not like. All of her designs are beautiful to me, but my favorite of all pieces would have to be the “Copper Tulip” cuff.


This is one piece of jewelry that can simply be worn alone. This hammered sterling cuff is adorned with vintage flowers and leaves, among other interesting pieces. The cuff is smooth on the inside and fits almost everyone.

To view this piece and others in Sandra’s collection, click here.

All this week, we are going to be featuring our favorite products from our members at NoleStyleandBeauty.com.

First up is the “Deluxe Cluster Gem” Necklace ($169.00 cdn) from Monforte Jewelry. This necklace is a mixture of old world charm and new flavor. It’s the perfect piece for those times when you want to present your classy, stylish self.

Visit Monforte Jewelry online.

With this gorgeous necklace made by Dori Csengeri. I don’t have an official wish list for my birthday, but if I did, this would definitely be on it. I love jewelry that is DIFFERENT and this piece is just that. The colors and material are blended so well.

This is one piece of jewelry you buy FIRST and then buy an outfit to compliment it. It’s 19 inches long with a leather backing and 2 bead closure. You MUST click the image to see a larger view of the piece that is making my heart skip beats…LOVE IT!

View more of Dori’s work at www.dazzleandshimmer.com/dori.html. You won’t be disappointed!

We’re going to be featuring our favorite items from every one of our members at NoleStyleandBeauty.com!

This should be interesting and fun!

Don’t forget to check back to see some of the items we will select!

If you haven’t visited NoleStyleandBeauty.com lately, go on over and check out what our members have to offer!


ChicBoutique has them. They’re cute, stylish, and functional. You can find ChicBoutique items on Etsy.com and Mintd.com. She also has some additional images for your viewing pleasure on flickr.

One of my favorite items in her shop is the Orange and Pink Waves Shoulder Bag.

Visit ChicBoutique today to find your personal favorite too.

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!


We’ve decided to offer you even MORE savings for this Memorial Day!
Please take advantage of this extra savings and receive extra goodies with
each purchase!


SAVE *20% ON YOUR TOTAL of $12.00 or more! (Not including Shipping) Enter
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Thanks again for your patronage!

Vintage Body Spa ™, LLC

Indulge Your Body™

I’ll be doing a post on Indie Shoe Designers soon.

If you know of any awesome designers who should be featured here, please send me a link to nolestyleandbeauty@gmail.com.

Thanks in advance!

Ayana E.

It’s late and I was up browsing ETSY. I saw some “hammered” jewelry and thought I’d do a post on just that…Below, you will find some Hammered Goodness from some great ETSY sellers. Go get you some…


Bombalurina jewelry designs look like something I would find in a shop in Paris. The designs are very feminine and have a romantic flair. Mixtures of old and new can be found in the pieces found in the Bombalurina shop online. Many of the items sold are often one of a kind …I fell in love with the majority of the ones currently available for purchase now.

You have to take a look at the wonderful jewelry designs at Bombalurina. Shop online now.

These heels say RED HOT GLAMOUR! I love them and hate that they don’t have my size…**sigh** This is really one of those times I hate having big feet! lol…

Seriously, these heels WILL get you noticed. Wear them with jeans or a sexy dress. Want some attention? You have to get these. They’re available at ModCloth.com.

Mod Cloth is this awesome site with cute vintage and indie clothing, shoes, and accessories. (See heels here.)

Jenese calls them Zip-lets. They’re wristlets with much needed zippers. She will make one just for you…Yes, it’ll be customized just for you after you place your order.

You first have to select the fabric you would like her to use. There are over 30 fabric choices available. You can see them all here. You’re sure to be pleased with your new zip-let or anything else you purchase from J.PAT PURSES. You don’t have to take our word for it…Just take a look at Jenese’s feedback on Etsy.

Go buy one of her zip-lets and let us know what you think.

Have you been looking for a handbag that truly stands out? If so, “Handbags by Daphne” should be your next stop on the web today. Daphne’s bags are designed using Italian tapestry with blends of chenille. She stated that her bags are for “women who feel comfortable wearing impossible to miss bags”. I’d have to agree. You are sure to get plenty of admirers when you’ve got your hands around one of these bags.

Want a durable, beautiful, and unique bag? See HANDBAGS BY DAPHNE.

I came across Susanne Audette’s online shop, Monili Bei Designs, while doing a search on the web for the word “monili”. For those of you who do not know, monili means JEWELRY in Italian. See…you learned something new today. 🙂

Anywho…She has a very nice selection of jewelry to select from. However, my favorite is the Abalone Chip (with Shell drop) Necklace. (Maybe because I am a shell fanatic.) The necklace can be worn alone or with the matching earrings and bracelet that are available in her TRIO COLLECTION.

Site: monilibeidesigns.com

Klementyna’s creative style speaks for itself. Her work is beautiful! She is definitely not afraid to step away from the ordinary. Along with jewelry, Klementyna also designs handbags, belts, and cuffs. To view more of her work, please visit klemi.com.

For full details, please click the image above.

Kirka is a jewelry designer from Zagreb, CROATIA. Her designs are so AMAZING!!! I actually had a hard time trying to select the designs to feature here. To view her designs is an “experience”. Seeing them has made my day. Visit Kirka at kirka-nakit.com to see more of her lovely work.

Relax and rejuvenate with products from KLEAN BATH & BODY.

Buy $50 or more in products and you qualify for FREE SHIPPING. Go on and treat yourself to something good!

Klean Bath and Body

Vintage Body Spa, LLC is having a sale on their Luxurious Body Scrub.

Our Sugar Scrub complimented with the right amount of fine dead sea salt to exfoliate and unblock your pores, your skin can absorb the exotic oils to moisturize your body. Wake up your skin with this mild exfoliate and unveil your smooth skin behind those dry scratchy dead skin cells. This scrub also contains the perfect amount of natural oils to keep your skin moisturized perfectly, even after your shower.” – Vintage Body Spa, LLC

For THREE DAYS ONLY, you can get your hands on some for only $20! This offer ends 12pmEST 4/28/07.

– – –




In Full Bloom’s designer, Ashley Hughes, is a new member of our new partner site, YSA!. YSA! (www.ysaonline.net) is an online artisan and designer group of women.

Ashley’s designs are just LOVELY! In 2006, she won the MODIE Award for BEST JEWELRY at journalmodiste.com and was featured in the March 2007 issue of Nole’ Mi Magazine for Vintage Inspired Jewelry.

Visit her webstore at www.infullbloom-designs.com and view her listings on eBay here.

If you dare try to  step out of the “ordinary” box, you must get your hands on one of  Tamar’s pretty and unique flower pins.  She also makes really pretty jewelry and some cool paper goodies. You can take a look around Tamar’s shop on Etsy by clicking here.  You can also browse around her Interior Decorating web page here.


I have fallen in love with pendants with beautiful prints on them. Initially, I must admit that at first glance, I thought to myself that I would look silly with a “picture” hanging around my neck. However, I got over that and decided to purchase an Antibes Tree Pendant from Bibbidi Baubles. I am very happy with my purchase. As a matter of fact, I am wearing the pretty pendant right now as I type this message. I’m smiling…I’m wearing such a pretty pendant. Go on over to Bibbidi Baubles and buy something that will make you smile too. 🙂

I am crazy about lockets. I think they are one of the coolest things that can be used when it comes to jewelry. Take a look at the cool finds below!

It’s up. Go check it out! Click here or on image below.

Chunky…this is one word that may make many women want to squeal. However, I promise not to mention anything about butts or thighs in this post. **smile**

I will, however, showcase some beautiful CHUNKY NECKLACES. When you want to make a bold statement, you can’t go wrong with one of the following pieces.



A HUGE “Thank You” to everyone who submitted items for our COLORFUL SPRINGTIME feature! There was more jewelry sent in for consideration than anything else. A second feature will be posted in a few weeks, so check back to see more awesome items that have springtime flare!

– – – –







While this post wouldn’t be a considered a “normal” one for this blog, this weekend I really wanted to focus on supporting a variety of Indie Artsians and Designers.

While Paper Products are not the norm here, Barn Yard Scrapping does offer some really cool stuff! The Easter Egg Hunt pre-made scrapbook layout is too cute! Scrapbooking is great for a personal or family project and BARN YARD SCRAPBOOKING is making it very affordable for you to get started. The layout below costs only $3.75!

From Friday at 5pm CST to midnight Sunday CST: buy 2 items from either “clearance and sales” or “beads, mixes, and cabochons” sections of The Jade Dog shop and get a third item of equal or lesser value from either section for free. Please send a note to the seller using code “NoleSpecial”.

Shop with Happy Bee this weekend and you will get FREE SHIPPING on the items below. The items are cute & very affordable – all listed for under$27!!

Cbeads is having a WEEKEND SALE! Take a look at the items they have listed. Take a look at this Pearl Rose Bracelet.  It is a one strand bracelet with freshwater pearls, swarovski, and fire polished czech beads. (Length is 6″ with 1″ extender. Also available as necklace.)

Promotional prices are only valid until March 4, 2007, so you should hurry on over and go shopping!!

Hugs and Kisses is having a sale you do not want to miss.

Purchases totaling $10.00 to $20.00 receive 10% off
Purchases totaling $21.00 to $30.00 receive 20% off
Purchases totaling $31.00 to $40.00 receive 30% off
Purchases totaling $41.00 to $50.00 receive 40% off
**Any purchases totaling over $51.00 please convo the owner for discounts **

Also….anyone who purchases today, Friday 3/2, by 12midnight EST will receive free shipping and handling.

– – –

If you have a baby, are expecting one, or know someone who is, you really need to take a look at the wonderful things in this shop!

The items at Hugs and Kisses make great gifts.

Check out these oh-so-pretty Pearl Cluster Earrings by Stephanie Gibson.

“A cluster of five white, B grade, freshwater pearls dangle charmingly from a lightly oxidized, textured sterling silver chain.”

If you don’t need/want pearls right now, she still has over 90 items you can select from. Take a look, you won’t be disappointed!

Take a look at the featured members of NoleStyleandBeauty.com: Anita Grant, KLEAN Bath & Body, and Simply June.

YSA!, pronounced “ee-sah”, is a partner site of Nole’ Style and Beauty Indulgence. The site was created after I was contacted by so many artisans and designers wanting to receive an invitation to join Nole’ Style and Beauty Indulgence.  While nolestyleandbeauty.com will remain a “by invitation only” site, YSA! is open to just about any female artisan or designer desiring to become a member.

The site will launch in APRIL, however, membership applications and fees are being taken now. There is a one-time only fee of $19.50 to join. For more information, please visit www.ysaonline.net.

mi SPA is giving away FREE dry perfume samples with every purchase. For starters, why not try out their Milk Bombs?

Each 4 oz bath bomb is packed with milk powders, cocoa butter & our signature Asian inspired scents. As it slowly melt & fizz away in your tub, it will leave a milky froth to soften & moisturize your skin. “

Ok, I am on my way to bed, but of course I HAD to stop by one of my favorite online shopping sites…Yep, you guessed it, ETSY.com! 🙂 If you have been following my blog, you know that I am addicted to the place…Lately, I have been trying to keep in under control! **sigh**

Anyway, like I said, I stopped by Etsy and was only browsing a few seconds before I found these brooches available from cocoonwillfly. They’re just lovely! Go on over and take a look at her other goods…Delightful…Just delightful!

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